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About 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Sure, compelling copy tells your brand’s story, but it’s the graphics that will cement your brand’s purpose into the minds of your target audience. With about 65% of the human population being classified as a “visual learner”, it’s well worth the effort to invest in making sure your brand sends the intended message. There are many ways to grow your brand with well thought out and well-placed designs.

Your Logo

Your logo is generally the first thing people notice when they have their first interaction with your brand. It is often what makes a person stop and take a closer look. Your logo needs to have a color scheme that pairs well with what your business sales. For instance, a skin care brand would likely opt for a more neutral color scheme than say, a sports brand. The color scheme needs to fit your brand’s overall purpose.

Social Media

Strategic graphic designs will allow your brand to create eye-catching consistency across all of your social media assets. Creating design themes with specific goals in mind will help to boost engagement. Having specific design templates for feedback posts, offer posts, and video content will help your audience quickly identify the purpose of your content. Visual queues will help your audience subconsciously complete the desired call-to-action. For example, if the goal is to get your audience to comment, your graphic could be of a person deep in thought. The design template for posts you want your audience to comment on should differ from the design of posts that display a new offer. Visual memory queues triggered by your designs will stop feed-scrollers and encourage them to take the desired action you want.


Great copy can easily get lost in translation with poorly designed ad creatives. In order to get the attention of your target audience your graphic designs need to be eye-catching. It has long been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. With that in mind, think of the feeling your want your target audience to have when they see your ad creatives. What is the first thought you want to come to their minds? This thought is the message you need to convey with your graphic design.

Labeling and Stock Images    

It’s a generally held perception that your product is only as good as the packaging it’s wrapped in. The colors on the packaging should align with your brand’s color scheme or should pair well with the intended use of the product. Product labeling and stock images should clearly convey why the product is beneficial to any potential consumer. No one should look at your products label or stock image and be confused on how they would use your product. It is also important to remember that people are attracted to things that are beautiful and intriguing. Having a visually appealing label or stock photo will not only draw people to your products, it will cause people to trust your products more. People are naturally inclined to think “what looks good, must be good”.


Video sales letters and webinars are powerful conversion tools when it comes to getting your target customer into your sales funnel. Well placed graphics will help you tell your story and highlight the benefits of your products or services. The use of clever color schemes will invoke emotion from your audience which will work to hold their attention. It is important to establish this emotional connection with your audience because people buy based on emotion but use logic to justify what they are buying. In other words, emotions triggered by your graphic designs will determine if you make the sale. Lastly, when creating your presentation graphics, remember to keep it simple. Each graphic should invoke one clear and concise thought from the audience.

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