Purple Horizon Marketing

Case Studies

$850K+ in Ecommerce Sales with a 9.78x ROAS Using Facebook Ads

From Nov 15th, 2020 to Dec 15th, 2020:

  • The brand achieved sales of $850,000+ on a Facebook ad spend of $15,000.
  •  The average ROAS achieved was 5X+  
  • 1,126,882 products were sold.

An average ROAS of 10X+ was achieved from Ecommerce Sales

From 28th December 2020 to 5th January 2021:

  •  400+ items were sold only through Facebook Ads.
  • Sales of $55K+ were made.

Home Contractor Acquires 63 Leads Resulting in Qualified Scheduled Calls

We achieved:

  • A total of 63 leads/scheduled calls.
  • A Cost Per Lead value of $48.54, which was much lower than the desired target of $100.
  • 3 ad sets that worked well out of a total of 6.
  • 3 winning creatives and ad copies each.